Personal Trainer


Tulsa , OK


Full Time


Genesis is looking for a full time personal trainer. Degree preferred but not required.

Job Summary

Do you want to make a difference in people’s life? Genesis is currently seeking Full and Part-Time Personal Trainers at all of our locations. A love for fitness is a must! Want to get started, apply NOW!

Accepted certifications

  •          ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine
  •          NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine
  •          ACE –American Council on Exercise
  •          NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association
  •          Cooper Institute - Personal Training Certification
  •          NCSF – National Council on Strength and Fitness
  •          Academy of Applied Personal Training Education
  •          AFFA-Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  •          IFPA -International Fitness Professionals Association
  •          ISSA – International Sport Sciences Association
  •          NETA - National Exercise Trainers Association
  •          NESTA –National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
  •          NFPT- National Federation of Personal Trainer
  •          Training and Wellness Certification Commission


Grace Period for Certifications: Personal trainers with an "approved degree related to the field of exercise science" will be required to take a National Personal Training Certification Exam within 90 days of employment from one of the following certifying organizations listed above.

Accepted degrees:

Athletic Training, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Fitness Management, Human Performance, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Sports Management, Sports Medicine.

If you are interested in helping inspire and lead people to incorporate fitness into their lives and also show your knowledge and caring, this is the position for you.

We have a reputation of having the most knowledgeable and educated trainers and provide continuing education for all of our training staff.

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