Birthday Party Host


Lincoln, NE


Part Time

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and playful professionals who we can train to be expert facilitators of fun! As a member of the Birthday Party Host Team, you will be entrusted with a big responsibility, the responsibility of creating a magical once in a lifetime experience for each birthday day child. At Genesis, we recognize that birthdays are special moments in time that families will remember and reflect upon in the years to come. For this reason, our Party Host Team is comprised of professionals who are passionate about working with youth and dedicated to leading fun, action packed, high energy party experiences centered around making each birthday child feel seen, appreciated, and celebrated! Being a Party Host is serious work for seriously fun and dedicated people!

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Inflatable Party Host are responsible for facilitating FUN through building epic obstacle courses, leading ridiculously silly group games, and participating in the play of each party experience.
  2. Pool Party Host are responsible for making a SPLASH! Host actively facilitate the pool experience by jumping in and leading fun filled water games!
  3. All Party Hosts are responsible for setting the stage for each party experience; which includes inflating balloons, setting up tables and chairs, etc.
  4. Party Hosts are responsible for arriving 30 minutes prior to each party time slot to ensure adequate time for set up.
  5. Party Hosts are responsible for collecting payment at the conclusion of each party experience.
  6. Party Hosts are responsible for clean-up and tear down at the conclusion of each party experience: taking out the trash, wiping down tables, putting chairs and tables away, packing up play inflatables, etc.
  7. Party Hosts are responsible for working a minimum of four party shifts per month (Party Shifts occur on Fridays & Saturdays: 6pm, 2pm, 4pm)


  1. Must be literate in English and math
  2. Must be passionate about working with children
  3. Must be highly motivated and enthusiastic with communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Must have effective organizational skills
  5. Must be available to work weekends
  6. Physically capable of sustaining the endurance necessary to be active throughout the entirety of each party experience
  7. Responsible for securing reliable transportation to and from work
  8. High attention to detail and process systems

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