Birthday Party Host


Olathe, KS


Part Time

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for working a minimum of 4 parties per month and being “on-call” for an additional 4 party days per month.
  2. Responsible for facilitating a high energy party experience and enthusiastically serving each party participant to ensure a positively memorable birthday celebration!
  3. Competent with opening and closing procedures
  4. Perform Zone Management functions and am accountable for ensuring my Zone is Brand
  5. Work in conjunction with the Camp Site Director to move our Team A
  6. Responsible for checking in with the Front Desk Team when I arrive to ensure they are aware I am onsite, as the Party Host, for the upcoming party time slot
  7. Responsible for ensuring the safety and engagement if children participating in the birthday party
  8. Responsible for arriving at least 30min prior to my party time to set up the party room (tables, chairs, balloons, decorations)
  9. Responsible for setting up the necessary equipment for the party activity
  10. Responsible for leading 1hour of games/ specific activity instruction
  11. Responsible for handing out balloons and parent provided party goodie bags to each party participant
  12. Responsible for collecting the remaining party balance and completing the proper closeout procedures
  13. Responsible for completing the tasks listed on the party clean-up check list
  14. Responsible for finding coverage for vacation or sick days
  15. Attend Team meetings and events and support fellow Team members in doing the same
  16. Work to develop strong relationships with members and Team members, and commit to creating an On-Brand, enjoyable and inviting atmosphere for both members and Team within my department


  1. This position is compensated hourly and is part-time.
  • A Youth Department Party Host Team member may instruct classes or otherwise work in a different department at Genesis Health Clubs provided:
    1. 100% of performance expectations are, and continue to be, met for the Youth Department Team member.
    2. The work performed in the department other than Youth Department takes place outside of regularly scheduled hours for the Youth Department Team member.
    3. Approval to work in a department other than Youth Department has been received from the Camp Site Director as well as the appropriate Department Manager.
  1. This position requires a person be physically fit and mentally alert. There may be a need for standing, walking, sitting, lifting, kneeling, reaching, handling, thinking, reasoning, and calculating, some of it constant.
  2. This position has an inherent amount of physical and mental stress. All candidates must be prepared for and capable of adapting to such conditions.
  3. A positive attitude and professional behavior are expected and displayed consistently in all dealings with members and/or fellow Team members. This person is expected to be a role model on a daily basis as a living example of the Purpose and Values of the Company.


  1. The work is primarily indoors, but dependent on conditions, work out of doors may occasionally be required.
  2. Genesis Health Clubs strives to maintain a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment, but the Team member is expected to notify his/her superior immediately to repair any potentially unhealthy defect, condition, or situation.


  1. Healthy and physically fit
  2. Passionate about working with children
  3. Literate in English and basic math
  4. Highly motivated and enthusiastic with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. A strong understanding of Customer Service
  6. Effective organizational skills.
  7. Available to work evenings and weekends
  8. Responsible for securing reliable transportation to and from work

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