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Fort Collins , CO


Full Time

We are looking for aspiring professionals who are passionate about working with young climbers. This position is an ideal opportunity to grow professional skills, gain additional experience in technical climbing skills, experience challenges that support personal growth, and build lifelong connections in a positive environment. As a youth Climbing Coach you can spend your days sharing your love of climbing with kids.  Being a Climbing Coach also means being an influential leader in the lives of our youth. Modeling the way for others is a big responsibility and intentionally shaping the next generation of leaders is incredibly challenging, life changing, and worthwhile work.

As a member of the Climbing Team, your days will be filled with challenges, surprises and laughter. Cultivating growth within a group of climbers isn’t easy and its incredibly important work. We work to develop an intentional community where each child is celebrated, known, and supported. We facilitate programming that helps our climbers grow their climbing skills; with a focus on simultaneously building life skills that transfer beyond the sport of climbing. We are a united and passionate team of climbers working diligently to intentionally shape tomorrow’s leaders. It’s serious work for seriously fun and dedicated people.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coaches are responsible for facilitating fun, engaging and skill building experiences for their team of climbers.

In addition to facilitating regularly scheduled programming, coaches are responsible for creating the FUN. Filling the in-between times with spontaneous play and leveraging down time to build the climbing community and celebrate the positive contributions of the climbers.

Coaches are responsible for leading each week’s practices and each Climbing Academy program week.

Coaches are responsible for engaging youth in positive climbing experiences that fuel a passion for learning, understanding, and cultivating our climbing community.

Coaches are youth development professionals who actively capture teachable moments to cultivate character growth within climbers, leverage planning daily programming to build life skills within their climbers, and work diligently to acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage each climber each day.

Coaches are responsible for being role models and showing our young climbers what it means to live out our Climbing Team values:

  • We are part of the climbing community; which means:
    • o We like to be challenged so we have obstacles to overcome.
    • o We respect the earth & all things in it. Each other, our coaches, and our surroundings.
    • o We are a team. We encourage each other, cheer each other on, and we progress and growth together.
    • o We look out for and keep each other safe.
    • o We are in charge of our actions!

Coaches are responsible for continually monitoring and maintaining climber safety throughout the entirety of each experience.

Coaches maintain a comprehensive understanding of the specific need of the climbers in their care-allergies, adults who have authorization to pick up climbers, medical concerns, etc. Coaches work diligently to use the provided information to create a sense of well belonging for each climber in their care.

Coaches are responsible for building meaningful relationships with Climbing teams and Climbing Academy parents. Coaches connect with parents daily to share climber celebrations, to capture pertinent information, and to partner with parents to best support the growth of each child in their care.

Coaches are responsible for attending team meetings, on-going training opportunities and supporting the team in moving Climbing Academy operations A through growth at the individual, programming and team level.



Must be 16 years or older

Must be literate in English and math.

Must have at least 1 year of comprehensive climbing experience.

Must be passionate about working with youth and supporting their development as climbers & leaders

Must be highly motivated and enthusiastic with communication and interpersonal skills

Must have effective organizational skills

Physically capable of sustaining the endurance necessary to be active throughout the entirety of each climbing practice and Climbing Academy programming.

Available to work days full time Monday-Friday during the summer months for Climbing Academy.

Available to work 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday for Climbing Teams. Hours vary depending on the team.

Responsible for securing reliable transportation to and from work

High attention to detail and process systems

Must be able to commit to entire summer season – 5 weeks of Climbing Academy

  1. June 3-7
  2. June 17-21
  3. July 1-5
  4. July 22-26
  5. July 29-Aug. 2

Preseason Training: May 28-31st

First Day of Climbing Academy: Monday, June 3rd

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